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handsome suit

i just watch a movie called " the handsome suit ".
it's pretty good, and i laugh my ass off while watching it :D

the story is about a buta-like man (played by tsukaji muga from drunk dragon) that own a restaurant. and suddenly 2 men came to him and offer a "handsome suit that can instantly transform him into an "ikemen" .
he's crazy about this girl that played by kitagawa keiko.

it's hillarious. i think it's definitely worth your time.:)

andddd theres oshima in it! ahahhah i like her since arashi no shukudai-kun and when she won a date with jun.

and did i mention the soundtrack is keep playing in my head?!!!!
My Revolution - Misato Watanabe</div>

Celebrity Collage with my stupid face

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Old photographs - Family tree design

HAH?! scarlet johanson?
can you believe it? it's just because i open my mouth, i got scarlet johanson as my look a like haha ありえねええ。。



but as a good and dedicated fan, i comment on anything i took from the fansubbers and i won't upload it to the streaming sites, so no worries :)


hellloooo, my name is gabriella lindia, i'm 19 years old and currently studying as a college student at lasalle college in fashion business major. Basicly i made this lj because of my johnny's and dorama needs (i can't go through a day without injecting something johnny's to my brain believe me) so there won't anything posted here sorry. hehe